Friday, March 14, 2014

Shifting Focus

Beginning an investigation of information graphics, mapping, graphing, diagramming, etc. Playing around with something close to my experience. My actual studio practice in relation to what my post residency plan stated. Hmm. It's nice to see we not even at the halfway point.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

AN ADVENTURE: The end of the circles (for now)

Okay so maybe this is not a grand adventure, merely a small one. The time has come to exorcise the sphere/circle experiment from my thinking. I'm being called to move on to other things. So I spent a couple of days playing one last time with these shapes, to give them one last chance to take me somewhere new. They didn't but it was fun playing. And to honor the end as well as hope for the future of this work (yes a contradiction there) I created a mock up of a gallery installation of the whole Clark U/Sphere/Circle project in part as an exercise in positive visualization and as a true representation of how I believe the work could be shown in a meaningful way.

The small box on the floor is representative of the original research tool that the work was inspired by. The explanatory animation is on the left, the back wall pieces are interactive and demonstrate how the overlapping circle patterns are found and the right wall has the culminating "art" piece that is driven by the concept. This is designed for a 22' space. It's always good to dream.

Some of the experimental pieces:


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

I'm trying to come to the end of my experimentation with the rings, probably only a week or so left in me. Currently using them to explore papers and media. These three are collage. More "finished" than some of the other experiments. Those I will post when I have a good collection of them. I used a Do It kind of randomizing method for placing each ring on top of the next. That was really the point of this exercise, to take some of the control away from me. I would have avoided the areas of density which turned out to be, at least in my thinking, very important to the ultimate composition. So the lesson: I'm not as smart as I think,  let some decisions come from elsewhere, either through a system or a collaboration.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

These are a few shots of the installation of my work at the Center at Eagle Hill in Hardwick, MA. It is an impressive facility in pretty much the middle of beautiful nowhere. I'm quite happy with how the show looks and it is fun to see so many pieces up at one time in one place (and out of my studio). The show is up through the end of April.  For more info go to: