Tuesday, November 24, 2015

LESSONS: Making it all fit

Model for thesis show 

The table is really a display case and is a little bigger than it should be. It will contain the small diagram paintings and the glossary booklets. The other item is a book stand which will hold the Current Theory portfolio. The pole? Well that is a surprise.

Friday, November 20, 2015

CREATIONS: Call and Response

This is a piece I made specifically for a show - Grayscale, Call and Response - hosted by Artsworcester and the Fitchburg Art Museum. This piece is in response to one of the 7 pieces selected from FAM's permanent collection. Satellite by Simo Hannula.

Video of 20th Century Art Stars: Sky Chart Aligned


ADVENTURES: diagramming found objects cont'

Further experimentation with found objects and diagrams:

Untitled at this point. Acrylic circles, cut vinyl, binder clips, polyester and wood. 8"x12"

The slowly growing group.


(Added 12/3) Untitled. 6"x5" Homosote, acrylic paint, acrylic sheet, cut vinyl, brass tacks, hardware.