Saturday, June 6, 2015

CREATIONS: Expressive Graphesis

Just trying out these words, expressive graphesis, using them to refer to the following works on paper. These pieces do not contain the same amount of narrative as the Longitudinal Study paintings do, they are more snippets of a story, but contain some expressiveness in their graphic quality.

Degrees of Separation
acrylic on paper 22" x 30"

Circuitry: Gender Bias
acrylic on paper 30" x 22"

Round Trips/Common Intersections
acrylic on paper 30" x 22"

acrylic on paper 30" x 22"

CREATIONS: Personality Development continued.

One more in the series shown in the previous post.

Longitudinal Study, Psycho-Social Development: INTIMACY

 Acrylic on panel, 12" x 24"